Exhibition and audience, Pomes Penyeach Project

Two days of music and poetry surrounded by art inspired by the Pomes Penyeach! A marvellous celebration of inspiration, wiht friends, audience, and fellow artists. Sarah Maernhoudt made a photo impression of the weekend for Facetten.

The poet and translators created wonderful words, and Julia Henneman brought her Wordweighter to the Weefhuis to help find the right word for the adventurous. Twijfelmoed, greygolden, regengeplas, rosefrail, leegtewaards–and more, edible in this ritual.



Erik Bindervoet en Robbert-Jan Henkes vertellen over vertalen.

Fatuum, Manja Markies. Inspired by Rain Falls over Rahoon.

Flood from Joyce in Lust (Love), Mechteld Timp

Nightpiece, Machteld Aardse