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Join us in the Oosterkerk in Amsterdam on October 14th, 2018. Art, music and literature, a feast for your eyes, ears and soul! Facetten artists and musicians take part in the day-long festival Joyce is in the Air. Artist Tonie van Marle guides early arrivals through the Pomes exhibition with inside information on the artists and their interpretation of the Pomes Penyeach. New to the Pomes compositions by Julia Barnes is the dimension of movement, added by choreographer/mover Virag Dezso to the improvisatory Joyce in Lust (Love). The many-sided Julia Henneman gives members of the audience the chance to literally eat Joyce’s very special words in The Edible Joyce. The Pomes ensemble–string quartet, soprano Caroline Stam and baritone Matthijs Mesdag, is joined by percussionists Che-Sheng Wu and Yung-Tuan Ku, and vocal artist Han Buhrs.

We are joined by two other ensembles with works by Max Knigge, Harry Partch and John Cage. It promises to be a Joyceful day! Mastermind behind the day is Nanny Roed Lauridsen.

tickets and information: http://www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/joycefestival


Facetten is 15 years old, and is aiming to involve more young and beginning artists and performers in our next programs. Already on board, the young Masters of Percussion Yung-Tuan Ku and Che-Sheng Wu bring a new sense of physyical as well as musical performance to the mix. Paired with our veteran performers vocalist Han Buhrs, body performer Virag Dezso and multi-talent Julia Henneman, they are exploring new roads to reach out artistically.

Yung-Tuan Ku and Che-Sheng Wu, photo Virag Dezso, MAPA

Che-Sheng Wu en Yung-Tuan Ku

Che-Sheng Wu en Yung-Tuan Ku

This year’s projects will involve high school debate team members, moving and acting performers, improvising musicians and visual artists. Joyce on the Road is taking shape, and designer Milou Parthesius is researching her Kunstshelter, which will invite new explorations of the Joyce Pomes Penyeach by artists on location, as well as sheltering peformances and artwork already created.

Nightpiece, Machteld Aardse–our backdrop for Joyce performances in Triest in 2019.


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where music, word and image meet

Julia Barnes, artistic direction and production:

Facetten van de Kunst (Facets of the Arts) brings musicians and creative artists of all disciplines together. These fruitful collaborations bring forth compositions, visual art, storytelling and the written word—and inspired performances of music, played by musicians from the richly diverse Amsterdam musical community.

One of the aims of Facetten is to cast a spotlight on art and artists, writers and composers from the area Amsterdam Noord. Noord is considered to be culturally deprived but in fact houses many working artists and musicians. A number of first performances and exhibitions of new works have been occasioned by Facetten commissions. And each performance is in itself a new composition of elements never before combined in that particular way.
Facetten programs have been sought out by festivals such as Dordtmonumenteel, Festival van Vlaanderen, en the concert series Kasteelconcerten Kennemerland.
Facetten’s new home base in Zaandam opens up new possibilities of collaboration with artists and musicians, extending the project reach beyond Amsterdam. Composer Claudia Rumondor is among the first of the Zaanse creatives to contact Facetten, and we look forward to a joint project in the not-so-distant future.

Facetten performances are informal and intimate events that take place in unusual locations: historic churches, a warehouse, a restaurant with a striking view of ships crossing the IJ, the terrace of a café on a dike. The combination of music and another art form in an unexpected setting forges a connection between audience, performers, and artists, who often mingle with an after-concert drink.

members of the board:

Jurgen van den Hout, chairman
Sjoerd Cusveller, secretary
Esther Zwennes, treasurer

Facetten 2002-2018: contributing artists and musicians


Julia Barnes: project creation, viola, composer

Julia Henneman: actress, writer, Henneman Mooie Zaken

Sanne Spruijt: componiste

Nanny Roed Lauridsen: sound explorer and composer, project design

Floor Buschenhenke: poet and writer

Elske de Kruijter: graphic design, logo, maps

Jennifer Fritts: street theatre

Anne la Berge: fluitist and composer

Marjoke de Heer: ceramic artist

Stijn Seip: artist, drawings, paintings

Ronald Vogel: graphic design, website

Aafke Steenhuis: writer and painter

Tonie van Marle: visual artist, translator and literary research

Fred Portegies Zwart: poet

Esther Noyon: Venetian masks

Nancy Wiltink: research and story-telling

James Mclaren: cello

Vaughan Schlepp: piano and harpsichord

Heleen Hulst: violin